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When African and Indian Musical Traditions Meet. Part Two.

Have you ever noticed something else about music beside music being these pleasant sounds and beautiful harmonies?

I have.

You too have? Please share with us, in the comment section.

I’ve noticed that there are some traditions that are practiced around music. Some of these traditions seem to be more musical and others less. More or less musical, they are the ingredients that make music what it is.

In Africa, where I originally am from, these traditions are many and various. Some change and other stay the same. African musical traditions fascinate me and inspire my creativity and work.

The main musical traditions or ingredients in Africa are singing/vocals, dance and percussion. In fact, in traditional African music these three are inseparable.

Other African musical traditions are major, minor and pentatonic moods; lyrics; instrumentals; call-response; harmonies; rhythm; chanting and humming; ululation; storytelling; improvisation, dramatization and participation. I will talk more about few of these musical traditions in the next post and before I reveal our new Afro-Raga music.

I will leave you here today with samples of some of the popular rhythms in the DR Congo, in the central African region.

For Agwaya also ‘Kalalila’ rhythm, listen to KILIYO YA MAMA AFRIKA by clicking on the link below


For more Agwaya/Kalalila and SouKous/Seben rhythms, listen to AMANI @ LUSH

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