When African Musical Traditions Inspire. Part Two 

When African Musical Traditions Inspire. Part Two 


In today’s post, I continue talking about my commission as an artistic piece and the creativity African musical traditions inspired me to make it interactive.

For the first time, songs I have written will sound more like a musical than a music performance when I am going to share them. In fact, African musical traditions I have selected and I will be applying in my overall creation make my performance theatrical but also interactive.

For me though, my performance still singing first as in my mind, everything else is built around songs and singing. Besides, I am not a drama/theatre artist. I am just a singer-songwriter.         

It is in these contexts that my performance takes the audience in an/the old Eastern DR Congo in Africa. There, every evening members of a family, a village or simply a community/group sit together around a fire or under a tree listen to music or a story before going to bed.

Usually elders told stories. Warriors also told stories since they were witnesses to what happened in battles. Occasionally other people narrated anecdotes.

In fact, in Africa, music; storytelling; dance and percussion are inseparable.

Anyone wishing to join in the music or story being told do so through responses to calls (call-response), improvisation, dance, percussion, harmonies, etc

This is how the audience in my performance can expect to participate in arts and culture and also to join in the conversation about the topic my songs and whole performance tackle.

 I plan to film myself performing one or more songs and upload the film on this page or live stream this here. I will let you know when I am doing this through a post that will be published on YouTube.

 I am developing a training/workshop for people who might be interested in learning how to create interactive pieces and performances using African musical traditions as technique to achieve this.

Other services I will be offering online (and physically), on demands and for small fees include

–       African singing workshops

–       Training in using African musical traditions as technique to create interactive pieces and performances

–       Improvisation sessions with me around singing techniques African singing and harmonies, and song writing


More services will be available soon

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