Me, My practice and Corona

Me, My practice and Corona

Everyone has been affected by the covid-19 crisis in one way or another and we now are adjusting, adapting, bouncing back and responding the best we can to whatever change this crisis has created in our lives.

Artists and creative practitioners like myself too have had our share in experiencing the full effects of this crisis and we are exploring different options and even implementing new ideas on keeping ourselves artistically fit and also on continuing to practice arts, culture and creativity.

Meanwhile some of us are finding present times a good opportunity to refresh that old repertoire of songs or music, they’ve been performing for ages now, with new compositions and vocal melodies.

Others are redesigning their careers and practices altogether or diversifying what they offer as artists or creative practitioners. 

Whatever direction or approach we adopt, technology and the Internet are being determinant in everything we currently are doing; artists, we are moving online and going digital like never before.

 At the beginning of this year, I got commissioned, by HOME, to create an interactive live performance for Horizons Festival.

When covid-19 got worse in March and forced us into confinement and social gathering was banned, my commission got cancelled.

The whole Horizons Festival got cancelled plus few other festivals and events I was scheduled to perform or showcase in.

These last include an African singing workshop at HOME in June, an African singing and percussion workshop at the local library in Whythenshawe in May, a live performance at Journeys Festival International in October in Manchester and a talk show at People’s History Museum in November.

I also was scheduled to perform live with my band, Afro Celt Sound system in England and in Scotland this year.

A series of live contemporary African music performances and workshops I was to deliver with Amani Creatives and planned for between June 2020 and December 2021 were cancelled too.

Thanks to an ‘Emergency Response Fund’ from Arts Council England, these shows and more will go on.

I also will be able to finish creating my interactive musical.

Festivals and venues are talking about reprogramming their events later this year or next year, live or digitally. I need to be ready when this happen plus festivals and venues still want me to perform, showcase and deliver workshops and talks in their events when these reopen.

Until then, for each gig that got cancelled, I plan to upload videos of me performing my songs or live stream my performances on here.

Subscribe to my YouTube channel to receive notifications of when I will be doing this.

Once a week, on Fridays, I will be uploading a post here updating you on projects I am working on, showcasing songs I write and sharing with you all I know and love about the source of my inspiration and the foundation of my practice, African musical traditions.

I might post topics generally related my artistic career and creative practice too.

Next week’s post is going to be all about my commissioned interactive performance.

I will be soon able to offer my normal services and few new ones too online, on demands and for small fees.

Services I currently am offering are

–       African singing workshops

–       A training in using African musical traditions as technique to create interactive pieces and performances

–       Improvisation sessions with me around singing, song writing and African polyphonic singing/harmonies

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